Transalpine accommodation facilities Transylvania

A series of accommodation services offered by Casa Artemis are at your disposal to create a dream stay: relaxation lounge, wireless, swiming pool Transylvania, heated tub Transilvania, gazebo, filigree, barbecue, terrace, tennis table, hammock, swing. You can walk or bike on the Pian Valley.

Pension with heated tub Transalpina Transylvania

At Casa Artemis, nothing can reduce stress or exhaustion after a long day of work better than a bath in a tub with heated water. In Transylvania, Alba county, just 10 kilometers from Transalpina, the pleasure is infinite when you can enjoy unforgettable moments in a heated tub, also feeling the cold breeze of the wind, the scent of flowers and the song of the birds that surround the Pianu valley.

You can enjoy 'pension with heated tub transalpina transylvania' so that the time spent at Casa Artemis on Transalpina in Transylvania will be unforgettable.


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